The Christmas 2020 Countdown Begins

By Michaele Arneson

We don’t normally remind you how many, or how few, days are left until Christmas, but there really isn’t anything normal about this year. So, here we go.

As of September 1, there are 115 days until Christmas.

Why are we bringing this up when we’re not even officially into the fall season yet?

Because this year is not normal. It seems that every week brings new guidelines to ensure we stay healthy. We’re not here to debate the efficacy of these guidelines, but rather point out that no one is really sure what the shopping climate will be in a couple of months.

With that in mind, we encourage you to think about your gift giving as early as possible. Dande Company has hundreds of items you can personalize, from housewares and home decor gifts to office accessories and from apparel to pet accessories.

We’ll also be bringing back our List of 50 Favorite Gift Ideas, with some items at or below $10.00 each. This list will be posted soon.

So, enjoy the last few weeks of summer, but get those gift-giving lists started. And just think, once Christmas arrives, there’s just one more week left of 2020, which should make everyone happy.

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